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Eysin, ACE 301, Chapter 5: The Keep

With the training she went through in the last few months at the gladiator club – her suit had started to grow, evolve. Rare nuances, as if the suit itself was starting to show some personality – nowhere near close to the elaborate scars and branches that you can see on some of the Exos or older students – but it’s stillContinue readingEysin, ACE 301, Chapter 5: The Keep

Eysin, ACE 301, Chapter 4: The Titan

Eysin had managed to damage her suit on one match, and Daegan used this as an opportunity to have her meet Asya. They stayed late in the Orb hall, practising a pattern on Eysin’s sleeve until she got it right – her first own integrated technique to the zerk – when idle otherwise, she’ll start healing faster, the suit started repairing.  “Always have extra pinks onContinue readingEysin, ACE 301, Chapter 4: The Titan

Eysin, ACE 301, Chapter 1: A Cup of Fumes

The campfire has relaxed, almost done burning. The dawn was near. Eysin was sitting near the fire, wrapped in a blanket, looking sickly. Calmly watching the flickers, as it was burning out. The old man, who had earlier introduced himself as Vinu Laos, poured from the thermos the last cup of tea and offered it to her. “You saw himContinue readingEysin, ACE 301, Chapter 1: A Cup of Fumes