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Chapter 8: Saved From the Sea

Sirens, sirens, sirens. What a dark night – and there’s mist all around. Chaos and destruction. When the finals had ended, two large explosions happened around the tournament area. All buildings in the vicinity got blown to rubble, some people got injured and lost.   Seals is at the wheel. A man is trying to hold Eysin up in her seat while also trying to calm down Agnes. He tells Seals to drive right into the water, “head towards theContinue readingChapter 8: Saved From the Sea

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Chapter 2: Silver White

The training was terribly tough on her bones, skin, muscle. But she wasn’t rushed too much, and Denea kept her company after the tough days and nights, so she wouldn’t have the chance to sulk at the difficulty. She successfully brought her mind to other things to make sure that the next day she’d wake up early and go at it again. And after a month of regular physical training and getting used to their squads – they were finallyContinue readingChapter 2: Silver White