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Chapter 7: Second Wind

Thursday, she had gone and done the round with Seals. Was nice of Seals to drive. Driving was something Eysin couldn’t do. It helped get the job done faster – she had the chance to create some kinds of copies from two more titans, and she worked on trying to make something out of them until late in the evening.  When she went back to the dorms, Denea had Asha over for a chat, again. Eysin goes to her bedContinue readingChapter 7: Second Wind

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Chapter 5: The Keep

With the training she went through in the last few months at the gladiator club – her suit had started to grow, evolve. Rare nuances, as if the suit itself was starting to show some personality – nowhere near close to the elaborate scars and branches that you can see on some of the Exos or older students – but it’s still something. The whole progress with the suit has turned into a pretty spring flower, now peeking out fromContinue readingChapter 5: The Keep

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Chapter 1: A Cup of Fumes

“You picked an interesting time to join, not sure what to make of that…” As if the recent chaos and destruction associated with Eesians could in any way be attractive for her – if so, what kind of a sick person is she, anyway? “The news is the most trouble you saw – and we don’t get that kind of shit over here.” What I had seen on the news about the worms – the rabid wolf monster, 34 villagersContinue readingChapter 1: A Cup of Fumes