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Chapter 11: The Temple Guardian

The first sight out of the window suggests it will be hot mid-summer weather, completely cloudless, windless. And a weekend, Eysin was expecting company. Imogen had called and wanted to meet her – and take the Titan parts from her that she had gotten from Ceremony, after the explosion.  “I don’t have them. They’re either at the Temple or Seals took them somewhere else.” “I’ll check with Seals.” “She’s coming here anyway, just as her to bring along the parts.Continue readingChapter 11: The Temple Guardian

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Chapter 10: I Could Leave

After a few days, the temple was cleared out of all the people. Eysin and Seals had returned to Ceremony when Imogen had summoned them, asking if they could still salvage anything of the remaining parts of the Titans that were blown up. “Maybe you can make out what happened here?” Eysin picks up a shard that once was the part of the dome of the titan, weighs in it her hand, “I should be able to get something fromContinue readingChapter 10: I Could Leave

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Chapter 9: A Family of One

Eysin snoops around in her room, trying not to wake Agnes and others that have stayed overnight. Arkion passes the door and tells her he’s going to the car to change, and that they should meet at the back when she’s ready. Feeling around in the dark, she finds where she had thrown some of her casual clothes. Puts on some pants and a shirt and a thin jacket. That’s all she has. One other thing that she picks upContinue readingChapter 9: A Family of One

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Chapter 7: Second Wind

Thursday, she had gone and done the round with Seals. Was nice of Seals to drive. Driving was something Eysin couldn’t do. It helped get the job done faster – she had the chance to create some kinds of copies from two more titans, and she worked on trying to make something out of them until late in the evening.  When she went back to the dorms, Denea had Asha over for a chat, again. Eysin goes to her bedContinue readingChapter 7: Second Wind