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Chapter 9: A Family of One

Eysin snoops around in her room, trying not to wake Agnes and others that have stayed overnight. Arkion passes the door and tells her he’s going to the car to change, and that they should meet at the back when she’s ready. Feeling around in the dark, she finds where she had thrown some of her casual clothes. Puts on some pants and a shirt and a thin jacket. That’s all she has. One other thing that she picks upContinue readingChapter 9: A Family of One

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Chapter 3: Jolie Rouge

Already seconds ahead, anticipating what’s going to happen next, small beams radiate from the suit, the Exo utters, “how the fuck…” Eysin leaps back up, her death-mask of a face looks angry and focused at the prick. For a short moment – she appears to be growling. Deeply annoyed, but not at all hurt by the punch. Her suit flashes and blink – she’s fast back at his face, and the prick doesn’t even know what’s going on anymore. SheContinue readingChapter 3: Jolie Rouge