Not Quite the Gladiator

Preface: Web Edition

Priit, a happy birthday to you, and thank you for giving me a good reason to finally start writing it out 🙂 * * * By A.C.E. 305 I will possibly have many regrets about what I set in stone in A.C.E. 301 – but maybe that will make the story more real – as in real life, too, weContinue readingPreface: Web Edition


Prologue: An Untitled Letter

“Out of the blue, a beautiful fruit once fell onto my lap. My first instinct was not to bite into it, but to gift it to someone I loved.” – – – Father Dear Eysin, it was a pleasure to meet you. You are a fierce soul, and you are also gentle. The balance you keep is a pleasant spectacle.Continue readingPrologue: An Untitled Letter


Chapter 1: A Cup of Fumes

The campfire has relaxed, almost done burning. The dawn was near. Eysin was sitting near the fire, wrapped in a blanket, looking sickly. Calmly watching the flickers, as it was burning out. The old man, who had earlier introduced himself as Vinu Laos, poured from the thermos the last cup of tea and offered it to her. “You saw himContinue readingChapter 1: A Cup of Fumes


Chapter 2: Silver White

The training was tough on her bones, skin, muscle. But she wasn’t rushed too much, and Denea kept her company after the tough days and nights, so she wouldn’t have the chance to sulk at the difficulty. She successfully brought her mind to other things to make sure that the next day she’d wake up early and go at itContinue readingChapter 2: Silver White


Chapter 3: Jolie Rouge

Already seconds ahead, anticipating what’s going to happen next, small beams radiate from the suit, the Exo utters, “how the fuck…” Eysin leaps back up, her mask of a face looks angry and focused at the prick. For a short moment – she appears to be growling. Deeply annoyed, but not at all hurt by the punch. Her suit flashesContinue readingChapter 3: Jolie Rouge


Chapter 4: The Titan

Eysin had managed to damage her suit on one match, and Daegan used this as an opportunity to have her meet Asya. They stayed late in the Orb hall, practising a pattern on Eysin’s sleeve until she got it right – her first own integrated technique to the zerk – when idle otherwise, she’ll start healing faster, the suit started repairing.  “Always have extra pinks onContinue readingChapter 4: The Titan


Chapter 5: The Keep

With the training she went through in the last few months at the gladiator club – her suit had started to grow, evolve. Rare nuances, as if the suit itself was starting to show some personality – nowhere near close to the elaborate scars and branches that you can see on some of the Exos or older students – but it’s stillContinue readingChapter 5: The Keep


Chapter 6: The Pits

“When’s the last time you saw Daegan?” A tall, blonde woman was looking around the Titan, seemed to spot all the places that were now fixed – as if she saw the difference without her visor on. She looks cold but tries to smile politely. Eysin recognizes her – it’s Imogen.  “I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks now.”  “WhatContinue readingChapter 6: The Pits


Chapter 7: Second Wind

Thursday, she had gone and done the round with Seals. Was nice of Seals to drive. Driving was something Eysin couldn’t do. It helped get the job done faster – she had the chance to create some kinds of copies from two more titans, and she worked on trying to make something out of them until late in the evening.  When sheContinue readingChapter 7: Second Wind


Chapter 8: Saved From the Sea

Sirens, sirens, sirens. The night is dark, and there’s mist all around. Chaos and destruction. When the finals had ended, two large explosions happened around the tournament area. All buildings in the vicinity got blown to rubble, some people got injured and lost.  Seals is at the wheel. A man is trying to hold Eysin up in her seat while also tryingContinue readingChapter 8: Saved From the Sea


Chapter 9: A Family of One

Eysin snoops around in her room, trying not to wake Agnes and others that have stayed overnight. Arkion passes the door and tells her he’s going to the car to change, and that they should meet at the back when she’s ready.  Feeling around in the dark, she finds where she had thrown some of her casual clothes. Puts on some pants andContinue readingChapter 9: A Family of One


Chapter 10: I Could Leave

After a few days, the temple was cleared out of all the people. Eysin and Seals had returned to Ceremony when Imogen had summoned them, asking if they could still salvage anything of the remaining parts of the Titans that were blown up. “Maybe you can make out what happened here?” Eysin picks up a shard that once was theContinue readingChapter 10: I Could Leave


Chapter 11: The Temple Guardian

The first sight out of the window suggests it will be hot mid-summer weather, completely cloudless, windless. And a weekend, Eysin was expecting company. Imogen had called and wanted to meet her – and take the Titan parts from her that she had gotten from Ceremony, after the explosion. “I don’t have them. They’re either at the Temple or SealsContinue readingChapter 11: The Temple Guardian