Enjoy Eysin on an updated web version. Print version coming soon!

Enjoy “Eysin ACE 301 – Not Quite the Gladiator” full version – enhanced with web updates!
  • All 11 chapters are updated, added a prologue.
  • Type is changed to something you’d see in a book.
  • The night-mode functions brilliantly!
  • Added a “zoom feature” which affects text size only.
    Find it on the left edge of the screen, disable by pressing “x”.
  • Eysin web edition works both on desktop and mobile. Read it anywhere!
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Eysin ACE 301 Not Quite the Gladiator paperback

I am in the process of revising the print edition (at the time of writing this, the copy is being shipped, and it will be shipped for at least another 2 weeks). This means that we can see a release around June 2021.

Working on the cover, layout, editing has been quite the quest. Some things (cover) turned out to be more difficult (analysis paralysis) than those I thought I’d find annoying (working on layout).

Another one of those news will be sent out around once things have progressed far enough! If you don’t want to miss it – find the subscription box (if you’re reading this on the website, on your phone – scroll down, it’ll be there, on desktop – should be to the right).

Working on: Eysin ACE 302 – Blindside

Once we’re done with the physical copy release – I’ll get back to working on the next book in the series – Blindside – when Eysin and Arkion are set to go on an information retrieval job to Reval. Featuring helpful pirates, orb-smuggling enemies, dangerous friends, new discoveries and why not some good old-fashioned love.

Take care,
Silvi Simberg

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