Hidden Birds

Eysin - ACE 303 - Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire, a science fiction adventure by Silvi Simberg
Eysin – ACE 303 – Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire, a science fiction adventure by Silvi Simberg
Eysin – ACE 303 – Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire – WORK IN PROGRESS // EDITING // PREVIEWS

Eysin and Arkion have a sort of romantic adventure (link to chapter 8 in volume one – when they properly first meet) on Ceremony island and then proceed to “The Rig” on the sea which will be marked the start of a new war in the Baltic/Scandic region.

Read the chapter drafts and leave feedback in the google drive document comments. Commenting is now enabled.

Chapter 1 – In the Heart of Winter (1/12/2021)

Hunting possessed bears and enjoying a long phone call.

Chapter 2 – Dragonfly (08/12/2021) 

A look into Arkion’s camp in the cannon/crater somewhere in Siberia.

Chapter 3 – Marzipan (20/10/2022)

Eysin and Arkion finally meet during the Fall Lockdown in Imogen’s mansion festival, they make plans to go get some rare apples.

Chapter 4 – Tarantula (12/12/2022)

Eysin and Arkion enjoy a Lockdown Feast and then escape the mansion with a bit of a trick to bypass the swarm’s detection systems.

Chapter 5 – The Worm (10/01/2023)

Eysin and Arkion are not the only ones taking advantage of that new technological lockdown bypass – they and their friends hunt for some Liths who came to the island for worm hunting. As a result, their initial quest to get some apples gets extended.

Chapter 6 – Gifts from the Hyperspace (15/04/2023)

After finding the apples and staying a night at a lighthouse and eating some questionable mushrooms in the morning, instead of returning, they visit Atlas to see whether a band of brothers will come clean about a certain possessed dog.

Chapter 7 – Pixie Violence (TBD)

Arkion decides to face the music and tune into the ongoing power transfer. Valen becomes a contender, and makes herself a rival to Eysin – the bride of the man she imagined would be hers.

Chapter 8 – The Broken Lock (TBD)

Eysin visits home to find an angel and attempts to avoid analyzing past events by reading random articles on her encyclopedia specs.

Chapter 9 – Vegas Madrugada (TBD)

Getting ahead of everyone else, Arkion’s team, Eysin, Seals and a bit of human contraband take a Corvette to the rig – the Tree of Lif bottom strata: Vegas.

Chapter 10 – Continental (TBD)

While the other lords-to-be meet to work out a new pact among themselves, Arkion and Atlas prepare to heist two Zodiac ships that are quite obviously set up as bait.

Chapter 11 – Unkindness (TBD)

Alexander comes clean about the game plan, and Eysin has a way of enforcing her disagreement on it.

Chapter 12 – Scandal (TBD)

No spoilers.

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