Miscellaneous | 6/18

Various words and acronyms explained and exploring.

  1. ACE – ACE 301 is a year number in a new era.
  2. Swarms – The sky and space are now inaccessible. Anything that attempts to leave the earth by air will get bombarded right back to where it started. Swarms are legions of drones created with Eesian technology, probably by Americans, some 300 years ago.
  3. Swarm Lockdowns – Twice a year, always at the same time – the world locks down – as a legacy feature from the United Nations – an automatic enforced lockdown forces people to stay indoors or underground for two weeks in a row. Anyone who ever dared to see if it still works, and stepped outside to test it – got killed, shot by the drone.
  4. Clear Sky – The FRESO had a long, expensive and very educational project which aimed to eliminate the Swarm for good. After figuring out how to sneak their own drones near them without getting shot down – and discovering how expensive such an operation – a little sky-robot-war – would turn out to be – the project was scrapped. Flying and space remained a thing of the past.
  5. Decoding – ???
  6. Decrypting – ???
  7. Guilds – ???
  8. Houses – ???
  9. The Pits – ???
  10. Pankration – ???
  11. Credits – ???
  12. Village Poles – Most villages all over Evrop have monumental three poles far visible before you’d reach the village. These poles are local power harvesters, grabbing the wind and providing locals with electricity.
  13. Metal  Trade – ???
  14. Silk Road – ???
  15. Amber Road – ???
  16. Boglands – ???
  17. Jolie Rouge – The name of a faceless hero, brought to you quarterly by well-colored paper – what’s new in the corrupt world of corporations, and how far are we from taking down the largest human traffickers in the region. The magazine and the group that operated behind it was called The Red Flag Group.
  18. The Party – ???