Eesian Technology | 14/45

A brief list with explanations related to Eesian technology. Over time, the list and the explanations might expand or change due to the developments in the story.

  1. Marbles – the shape of marble is the material in when not in used, neither fused into a host. Marbles come in various colors and sizes, harvested from Worm Caves by specialized Miners.
  2. Red – Functions as a battery. When integrated with a human, it builds an extra nervous system through with the rest of the technology can be used.
  3. Silver White – Any zerk, weapon or machine in the form of a marble – when outside a human body. The whiteness of it is used to indicate that something has been written on said marble (or even objects of other shapes and sizes)
  4. Light Blue – Known to work as an amplifier.
  5. Yellow – Used as a stimulant, cleaner and a poison through Contract Gloves. Also used as a paint to have a faint stimulating effect on the user. 
  6. Pink – A blank marble tends to have a pink color. Used in healing, repairs, and else.
  7. Green – ???

  8. The Orb – ???
  9. Reval Orb – ???
  10. Eesian Orb – ???
  11. Parisi Orb – ???
  12. Warsaw Orb – ???
  13. Novograd Orb – ???

  14. Temples – ???
  15. Reval Temple – ???
  16. Eesian Temple – The temple located at Oeselia, also called Oeselian Temple or EESO Temple. The holy grounds at this region differ from others, as they have more old machinery attached to it – e.g. the Titans and 2 large training grounds – one attached to the Temple building, the other over the strait, on Ceremony island. It is a very old temple, and the orb that it contains is not the original one.
  17. Parisi Temple – ???
  18. Bog Temple – ???
  19. Worms – Rarely sighted, big, possibly alien worms live under the earth and collect material from it. Unsure whether they are machinery or organic – they produce the marbles of various colors. Temples are also started by them – running theorists joke that the temples are retirement homes for the worms.
  20. Worm Caves – ???

  21. Zerks – Intelligent Armor used by Gladiators in EESO and other similar guilds all over the world. 
  22. Trance – ???
  23. Crisis – ???
  24. Fragments – ???
  25. Synergy – ???
  26. Link – ???
  27. Framework – The nervous system created by the Red Marble is often referred to as “the framework”. It is also used to refer to any “framework” of any weapon or armor that Eesians use. Sometimes they’ll even be lazy enough to call a human’s real signature a framework. 
  28. Arsenal – A part of an Exo’s Zerk+Nervous-system’s framework, usually holding a collection of weapon molds which can be quickly applied on Silver White Marbles intended as weapons. This system allows the same marble to take the form of different kinds of weapons. 
  29. Kaestus – Intelligent Armor used by Eesians – usually in the form of a glove. It is a more labor-intensive computer than the Zerks – and usually used for different kinds of calculations, too. There are grades and types of Kaesti – differing from each other by processing power, memory capacity, or simply by the types of techniques that its wearer has learned.

  30. Gladiators – ???
  31. Riders – ???
  32. Navigators – ???
  33. Medics – ???
  34. Clergy – ???
  35. Scripties – ???
  36. Miners – ???
  37. Alchemists – ???

  38. Imitation Code – ???
  39. Healing Code – ??? 
  40. Contract Code – ???
  41. Activator Code – ???
  42. Tracking Code – ???
  43. Titans – ???

  44. Artifacts – Silver white marbles fashioned into different kinds of shapes – mostly bracelets – usually holding on themselves encrypted blueprints, records, or compressed weapons. It has become a currency of its own among the Eesian people. Once a year a tournament is held where these can be won as prizes or exchanged for points. 

  45. Terratorium – An Intelligent Training Ground intended for Eesian weaponry testing. Combined with the Zerks and Kaestus’ capabilities, it offers a very immersive experience of battles in super-real terrains and weather conditions – while really located under a large dome. The blocks from the ceiling and the ground can be manipulated to create different terrains.