Eysin, ACE 301, Prologue: An Untitled Letter

“Out of the blue, a beautiful fruit once fell onto my lap. My first instinct was not to bite into it, but to gift it to someone I loved.” – – – Father

Dear Eysin,

it was a pleasure to meet you. You are a fierce soul, and you are also gentle. The balance you keep is a pleasant spectacle. I recall all our days were spent well.

We had many pleasant conversations and meditations. If I have any regrets – it is that we did not record any of them. May our meditations return to you when you need them most – as one did for me tonight, propelled me to write this letter.

It was good to see the colour returning to your face. And your laughter elevates like the pirate folk songs. It is only natural, that you get from them your rhythm – you must one day investigate the matter of your documents, for I found out they were not forged, they were reconstructed.

I did not wish to pull you into these Eesian affairs – a dark period has begun, and we expect war and instability. The heads that loom in Reval, groups forming and growing in size, again and again. Every time we tried to take them down, and every time we succeeded in doing so – another came in place. One ugly force that has successfully adapted against our pressures every time and will successfully evade or surpass us in the future.

I am not sure whether we are any longer in any position to try to keep Reval safe. There is another beating seed, cancer, growing on our Tree of Life – and should it be so curious, that the cancer is not caused by our alien friends, but the sickest men of our kind. The worms seem wiser than the men – but maybe it’s simply so because their brains cannot be poisoned like ours.

You must reach out to a man called Vinu Laos – he knows of you, and he should be expecting you. You learned my code well – you have shown that you understand how it works – and by judging your character, I am confident that in time you will sort out what needs to be sorted out for your own good, and that you can be trusted to make good decisions with what I have entrusted to you.

I have made sure you have a place to go in Perona. Just so you wouldn’t feel pressurised to take the other option – but I’d like you to join EESO. They will teach you everything to prepare you to live in the world that comes – and maybe you can teach them something, too.

Maybe you can be a good example of the kind of person that is capable of surviving in the world that comes. Carry our meditations with you, and maybe share them with others. You could be a person who will help others – those you’ll come to consider as family and friends. I do feel a little bitter for not being a friend for you for a little longer – but what I do must be done, and after this – I’m out.

The plan was a little rushed, so I am sorry if it went off the rails and caused you any inconveniences.

Finally, whatever you choose to do with your life next, I wish you all the best and trust your decisions will eventually lead you to a life worth living.


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