Preface: Web Edition

Priit, a happy birthday to you, and thank you for giving me a good reason to finally start writing it out 🙂

* * *

By A.C.E. 305 I will possibly have many regrets about what I set in stone in A.C.E. 301 – but maybe that will make the story more real – as in real life, too, we don’t often have the time to carefully plan out every detail – even less, in real life – will we see that plan executed perfectly.

This adventure and the world I have been building for many years, and I have collected the building-blocks for that world for my whole life. Not only the strange things I can learn from books, but I also get inspired by people – by you.

And I am completely helpless to stop this adventure from evolving because it’s simply a part of my brain now – and it’s evolving in the most unchronological manner – which is also why it’s been so difficult to start!

There have been so many changes in the whole story that it is fair to assume that changes would still keep coming, but now it’s time to have Eysin take her first steps – make them un-undoable – and see where the story ends up.

* * *

For a while I had trouble giving this adventure a name – what would be the title of the book, were I to release it this way? I settled for Eysin – because she should be the one whose perspective I can tell the best.

I had trouble trying to figure out WHEN this would be happening – and settled for an era that goes A.C.E. – an unofficial one, and a little funny – as it could mean after common era – whenever that started!

And then there was the WHERE question. When I started making up this story – it was on a planet that didn’t exist and met every need that I had to support the vignettes my brain was producing. And then the story may have moved to a planet that was like Dune or the one in Trigun.
Now I have settled with our only own planet. And even here I have moved the heart of all the activity from more exotic regions closer to home – even though by the time this story happens – barely any recognizable landmarks still exist – the only hints of past geography could be the familiar-sounding names right off the map.

Take care, and thank you!

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