Eysin ACE is a science fiction & fantasy adventure series published in this blog. Any art, written pieces, and music related to Eysin ACE is copyright protected. 

The first episode was published on 17th February 2021. For a more thorough introduction to this adventure, read the Preface

I started publishing this work openly and on a weekly basis as a method to finally write down the story and get it into a state where I could possibly have it in print. In that regard – I’m not publishing this story for free, but putting it out here is just how I feel I can get it done at all 🙂

Silvi – Author
Priit – collaborator on technology and universe ideation



Any project can always handle some extra layers. If got something and it doesn’t let you sleep at night until you have collaborated, please reach out to me on twitter or if we’re not yet that familiar, use the contact form below (I won’t publish your comment, neither collect your information for any other purposes).