About Eysin & the Author

About Eysin ACE

Eysin is a philosophical science fiction adventure about a female protagonist. We explore various themes in the theory of man and -everything through the context of a made-up powerful alien technology, interpersonal relationships, and eventually, why not a war between civilizations in the universe?

Not Quite the Gladiator introduces the time, world, and characters and sets the stage for what’s to come. The protagonist Eysin joins a Security Guild on a beautiful island, the first volume will revolve around her finding her place in it, as well as figuring out the technology they use. 

Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire

I am working on the next volume, “Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire”.

For one, the Baltic Sea has become more relevant. Furthermore, we’ll explore some romantic themes: more on risk and rivalry. As the working title suggests, it also taps into mimesis.

On a late note I am also tapping into electric and magnetic themes and why not the plasma universe.  If you want an early look and/or help with the editing of the next volume for Eysin, see our super secret page linking to available chapters on Google Drive.

I will complete the next volume in English by 2023 H1.

Is there an Audiobook coming?

While it is quite possible to listen to text-based books through the recent advancements of AI capabilities, we’re now looking to increase the conductivity of this universe by starting to record audiobook versions for the first volume and the second. The idea is to record it myself so the book will have the appropriate Baltic accent 🙂

I am still looking into exactly what needs to be done to get it out in good quality – so, perhaps this is something to look forwards to in early 2024.

About the Author

I can’t say that I am writing this alone. In a way, this universe and the story are a collective creation. The other most significant contributor would be my dear husband, with whom we discuss various scientific concepts around the living room table.

I’m also drawing inspiration from non-fiction, philosophical concepts, and real-life and random conversations (that are of matter of interest to me, anyway) on Twitter. These exchanges have led me to wonderful writers like Luke Burgis and his “Wanting” – which taught me about Mimesis. Or why not the strange underground science of the Electric Universe?

For the first volume, besides Taleb’s Incerto (five great volumes about risk) I also got a lot of great ideas for world-building from Nicholas Christakis’s books Connected and Blueprint.

Coming up next – time to brush up on my physics, learn about what Tesla did and look into the strange world of gemstones.

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