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Eysin – Exploring human nature through Science Fiction

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Travel 300 years into the future!

Silvi Simberg‘s philosophical science fiction series delves into the intricacies of human nature through an unconventional backdrop of alien technology. In this world, giant earthworms construct incredible temples, while automated drones enforce strict quarantines and anti-flight measures.

Amidst this chaos, raiders and pirates have re-emerged, preying on both the worms and the advanced Eesian temples. To counter these threats, the security guild EESO has become the most powerful force in the Baltic region.

A young woman hailing from Reval, Eysin finds herself drawn to the alien-technological wonders of EESO and the idyllic island of Oeselia. But with her research funding running low, Eysin throws herself into tactical training and stakes her claim in the Terratorium Tournaments, hoping to make some much-needed money.

With every new challenge, Eysin grows, heals and forges new bonds, uncovering incredible discoveries along the way. Join her as she navigates a world filled with friends, rivals, and danger in this thrilling journey around the Baltic Sea Theater.

Join Eysin as she navigates through a world of danger, intrigue, and self-discovery, all while uncovering the secrets of alien technology and the human psyche.

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I really enjoyed this one. The characters hooked me and the flow of the story was unique and thrilling. While many stories in this genre go a bit too far in describing the novel tech setting, this one balanced the tech details against the relevant structural changes to society and local relationships.

Furthermore, there is a kind of allegory about debt and gambling/risk buried in the plot (amongst other lessons) that is very enjoyable. I think this would make a great movie with great fight scenes, bars and forest vibes.
Have passed the book on to a few others with a wide range of ages and they have enjoyed it too.
Lastly, I was slightly sad when I finished it and haven’t felt that way about a book for a while.”
– DC

“Lots of work went into the world-building and Sivi Simberg has a loveable slightly quirky style.
It’s a hidden gem in the self-published crowd and I hope that in time it gets the visibility it deserves.” – Guillaume

“Mind-blowing fantasy by an original writer. Beautiful cover design.” – Porkchop Express

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