ACE 301
Not Quite the GladiatorRead now!Eysin

Explore a future Earth with Eysin – an unlikely gladiator

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How to survive as a stray on a fractured Earth, 300 years in the future? In a world with giant underearth worms building Temples for humans, and automated quarantine- and anti-flight swarms of Eesian drones limiting when and how humans move.

The relative slowness of mobility has brought back raiders and pirates to the seas and the roads. Warlords are having a blast hunting the worms, raiding the temples for their powerful technology, and threatening to spread through the busiest trade routes like a plague, to reintroduce slavery and human trafficking.
Eysin, a stray from Reval gets involved with a local security guild studying the worms’ work and Eesian tech. The guild is promising to be powerful enough to help the region stand against any raiders, pirates and warlords – yet, problems with the Temples & exotic tech – and the closest people are bound to steal all their attention.